Prechacq-les-bains also offers all the traditional spa treatments

The thermal baths in Préchacq-les-Bains, a small resort on the the "Thermal Chain of the Sun" is hidden among the trees near the river Adour. We can promise great quality sleep in this exceptionally calm setting.

Double speciality - Rheumatology and respiratory tract disorders

The spa is built on five hot springs. Known since the 17th century, they feed the Trou de Madame, a vestige of the old baths, to this day, although the more modern thermal baths at Préchacq-les-Bains have replaced them. Rich in sulphur and calcium, the waters bubble through natural vegetal-mineral sediment from the river to form the "peloid" a mud with excellent pain relief properties for rheumatic disorders.

All the benefits of the spa at Préchacq-les-Bains

In the calm and revitalising of our region, you can enjoy a complete thermal spa therapy package offering hotel, catering, two spa doctors in the immediate vicinity of the premises and a full entertainment programme.

The mud of Préchacq-les-Bains is cultivated by experts in the preparation of thermal therapeutic products, in small quantities, privileging the quality of this vital raw material, on a human scale and with the patient in mind. An essential combination to accompany you in your care process.

A postcard landscape with lots to do and see...

In order to ensure the most pleasant stay, the Tourist Office offers visits and tours to introduce you to the Landes Chalosse region. These outings are rounded-off with events and shows organized by the "Thermal Chain of the Sun."

You can also opt for a mini-cure, a short course of spa treatments over 6 or 12 days. There is also a discovery formula for accompanying persons.