Gîtes de France

Gîtes de France evaluates houses and chalets to make them a welcoming place to stay in the countryside or in the villages. Created nearly 50 years ago, the movement now brings together 43,000 owners who have invested in the renovation of their architectural heritage.This quality label is rated according to certain specifications: the accommodation is allocated 1 to 5 marks (called "épis") depending on the comfort, the services offered and the location.


A quality label. For holidaymakers, renting Clévacances accommodation is the guarantee of a quality accommodation and a warm welcome, with no unpleasant surprises. The Clévacances Charter of Quality guarantees the comfort and safety of the labeled accommodation, as well as the reliability of the offer, whatever the destination chosen. This is, like everything in Europe, given a top-down idealistic label rather than a bottom-up pragmatic appraisal. Accommodation is attributed 1 to 5 "keys" (clés) which prove its level of comfort on paper.

Logis de France

Logis de France is a group of hotels, all of which adhere to a charter of quality based on 260 idealistic criteria. This charter favours the comfort of the hotel, the quality of the food and the reception, as well as the charm of the surroundings, and guarantees you quality services at the best price. Logis de France hotel-restaurants are classified with 1, 2 or 3 "chimneys," according to their level of comfort. This label is one of the two quality certifications approved by the Ministry of Tourism.

Tourisme et Handicap

Launched in 2001 by the Secretariat of State for Tourism, the Tourisme et Handicap label is a guarantee of a high-quality welcome, adapted to disabled people. It has the particularity of addressing the four forms of handicap: motor, mental, visual and auditory. It is is based on facilities set up by the organisations concerned.

Qualité Tourisme ™

Qualité Tourisme is yet another official, criteria-based classification and organisation system ensuring every last detail of the tourism industry corresponds to some sort of on-paper ideal. Set up by the French State in 2005 to label the various professionals and institutions working in the tourism sector, Qualité Tourisme aims to achieve three objectives: to guarantee quality services, to homogenise the steps taken by tourism professionals in all sectors of activity and throughout France and to give France an image of "excellence, that cultivates its welcome, reinforces its know-how and valorizes its heritage." Professionals engage in a process of continuous improvement in: information and communication, a personalised welcome, the competence of staff, the comfort of premises, cleanliness and maintenance of premises, valorisation of local resources. The ultimate objective of the Qualité Tourisme brand is to direct visitors towards professionals who are committed to satisfying them, if they're not too busy filling in forms.


Several tourist accommodations in Les Landes have accepted to process yet another layer of administration - an environmental approach certified by another label, the Ecolabel Européen. The European Ecolabel requires tourism professionals to be strongly committed to the environment by complying with a number of mandatory criteria that take into account the environmental impact of their business — reduction of their energy and water consumption, waste management, use of renewable energy sources etc.

The Assiette de Pays®

The Assiette de Pays® is an official labelling of regional food, ensuring that each portion that bears the label never changes, ensuring quality. Composed of at least 3 local products from local producers or regional craft enterprises, the dishes are inspired by traditional recipes and each constitutes a meal in its own right. Each is accompanied by a glass of wine or another local drink. Restaurateurs offering thes dishes are ambassadors of local gastronomy. .

Unforgettable experiences among local producers, the Assiette de Pays® is a great way to discover Landes gastronomy.

Ask for the Guide des Assiettes de Pays® in the Landes Tourist Offices.