The adventures of Guilhem, your guide to Saint-Sever

A unique experience: 

Guilhem, a young monk from the eleventh century

If you want to visit Saint-Sever but there are no guides available, or if you want to be independent without missing out on the essential sights... or if you are with your children and you want to keep them interested...

Guilhem, our young monk from the eleventh century, will be happy to accompany you through our lovely city. Yes, you read that right! A young novice from the Middle Ages will take you on a guided tour of the city! Through 15 videos, our little hero will lead you on an amazing adventure! A fabulous creature from the illuminations of the priceless Beatus de Saint-Sever manuscript has escaped. You have to go looking for it in different places and through different ages, the City, the Abbey Church with 3D view, the maison Sentex, the arena of Morlanne, the Jacobin convent... this is how you'll discover all the treasures of the town!

The amazing story of Saint-Sever is for all ages although as ever with these things, adults unaccompanied by children will feel patronised and out of place.

Your tour

How it works

  • If you have your own smartphone or tablet, simply flash the QR codes that you'll see around the city at each signpost near the monuments, and the appropriate video will play.
  • If you do not have connected hardware, we rent iPad tablets for a period of about one and a half hours for 5 € (deposit required). The videos will guide you. They are downloaded to the tablet and you simple slide from one video to another. A city map locates you, and you'll get tips for handling the tablet. The ideal solution for anyone who wants to get carried away by our history, and it is very easy to use.


Even if you're not here!

You can visit Saint-Sever from your couch while you're waiting for your holiday to come round, when you can enjoy the real warmth of our old stones!

Simply go to the Youtube channel run by our Tourist Office to watch the whole "Journey of Guilhem" Available in French and English.

A fun visit around Saint-Sever from your sofa in French:çais

A fun visit around Saint-Sever from your sofa in English:

Information and iPad rental all year round at the Tourist Office 05 58 76 34 64.

Brassempouy and Amu, Two villages worth visiting

To visit these two villages, two solutions are available: guided tours and virtual tours.

Here we'll talk a little more about the virtual tour of Amu and Brassempouy

For an interactive tour of Amu, go to the Tourist Office to download the QR code or download link from your computer at home.

Discover the history of this village in bloom: walk the lanes in streets of the Place Técouère by St. Peter's Church, through the bullring, and also discover the majestic château of Amu, a listed building.

If you don't have a smartphone or tablet, ask the tourist office to lend you an iPad.

For an interactive tour of the village of Brassempouy, go to the Maison de la Dame and its "Archeoparc" where you can download the app or request an iPad to discover this picturesque village and its majestic church, a fine example of pure Gothic style. Brassempouy is an exceptional prehistoric site, as your pad will show you!!


Interactive tour of Amou :

Intercative tour of Brassempouy :

Information at the Tourist Office in Luys on 05 58 89 02 25.

The explorers of Landes Chalosse

An app to Explore the Mugron country with your smartphone or tablet!

A fun and educational history programme!

"The explorer of Chalosse Landes" is a downloadable smartphone application, which you can also get for free from Mugron Tourist Office (see conditions).

"The Explorer" is roaming discovery tour that allows you to wander along ten different routes including five walks, three bike trails and two drives in the car. These routes are accessible to all, families with kids to real sports enthusiasts, with nearly 76 points of interest around the seventeen villages of Chalosse.

Now you can download the app "The Explorer in Landes Chalosse" and prepare your trip ahead of your stay.

Access a wealth of information and historical comments, with text and audio, along with nearly 800 photos depicting the local attractions.

The Explorer, for kids!

Following the heritage and history of Mugron, the little explorers take off for 2 hours of adventure, armed with their notebooks, iPads, paper and pencil, all free from the Tourist Office!

Sixteen puzzles to help find a 16 letter word - the little explorers will observe, feel, create, draw, think, take photographs (with the pad), calculate, walk, count, ... actively responding to challenges or multiple choice questions.

At the end of the hunt, the Tourist Office will hand out prizes, depending on the quality of their explorations, along with a diploma and a special surprise!

What are you waiting for? Phones at the ready, or visit us at Mugron - adventure awaits!