The Tourist Offices of Landes Chalosse welcome you to the townd and villages of Amou, Geaune, Hagetmau, Montfort en Chalosse, Mugron and Saint Sever.

Proud holders of the Qualité Tourisme award, the whole team is at your disposal to accompany you in the organization of your holidays in Chalosse!

Our team's commitment:

  • an easily accessible reception and information area,
  • lots of places to sit down,
  • free information about local tourist facilities and attractions, and free WiFi access,
  • displaying and distributing opening times, expressed in at least two foreign languages.
  • open at least 120 days a year Saturday and Sunday, in particular during events and the tourist season,
  • answers to your letters all year round,
  • a permanent reception service, run by staff speaking at least two foreign languages,
  • a bilingual website,


Distribution of tourist information on paper, translated at least in two foreign languages, concerning:

- all listed tourist accommodation including at least the name of the establishment, postal address, e-mail address, website address, telephone number and classification level,

- cultural, natural or recreational monuments and tourist sites, which may include the indication of tariffs, periods and opening times to the public, the website and telephone and postal contact details,

- events in the region;

- emergency telephone numbers.

  • regular updating of tourist information,
  • presentation of all tourist activities and attractions for all types of clientele,
  • processing complaints and measuring satisfaction,
  • a respect for quality approach,
  • the provision of an accommodation advisor,
  • guarantees of the reliability and timeliness of information concerning the local tourist offer.

They are engaged with their partners in the following areas:


  • meetings with the Tourist Office to get to know each other better (services, organisations), to better exchange and trade ideas, to analyse together their observations of tourist behaviour in the area, to build customer loyalty and win new market shares. Tools/means: visits to service providers, thematic meetings, e-tourism workshops.
  • a global approach to development of the region in coherence with the projects of the Vallées et coteaux des Luys Community of Municipalities and its representatives.
  • working with local and regional tourist networks, using and supplying the regional database SIRTAQUI, transmission of useful statistics concerning the local area (participation in the tourist observatory for example).
  • the design and marketing of products to better sell the Landes Chalosse as a tourist destination (group and individual products, tours and visits etc.), design and sale of tourism products and services guided by partnership agreements, setting frameworks and the conditions for collaborations, in order to harmoniously promote relations between the Tourist Office and its service providers.
  • the valorisation of industry supply chains (gastronomy, wine products, food products, etc.) through the setting up of quality commitment charters and the use of marketing and press communication tools to promote the talents of the region with customers and suppliers alike, for example the foie gras of Landes Chalosse
  • the promotion and communication of marketing materials on the web - the preferred information relay today - with an international outreach tool thanks to a bilingual referencing and accessibility strategy.
  • the coordination of tourism action in partnership with the communities and institutions of the Landes Chalosse.
  • creating initiatives and tourist development of the destination: tourist representation of the city with various authorities, measurement of flows and observations of tourist practices on the territory (observatory), monitoring of customer satisfaction, setting up the digital service, management of the Sirtaqui database, display of availabilities.


They are committed to:


  • a new organizational and environmental approach, with new working tools responding to the expectations of customers, such as touch screen terminals and digital animation, with paper brochures at on the premises reduced to a minimum.
  • management of communication media: no large scale printing of paper media for promotion. Print only on demand. Use of digital media with downloadable documents via the website, use of mail rather than paper for all correspondence, use of recycled papers
  • clause specification for printing on paper: Selected printers justifying the environmental approach (eg imprim'vert)
  • minimum inventory management according to the JIT needs of the Tourist Office
  • management of the premises: advocating sustainable development in the premises: setting up waste sorting, reducing water use, rationalising travel (for example car-pooling).