A quiet holiday in Landes Chalosse!

Going green, away from the urban noise and crowds, with a bit of peace and quiet for once. The cock will wake you up, the tractor driver has time to wave or chat. This is where you want to spend your next holiday!

Close to the beaches and the mountains

The nearest beach? Just one hour away... the Pyrenees? 90 minutes! Landes Chalosse is an ideal base to discover the south-west of France.

Local traditions

Don't miss the Course Landaise. To attend a show, go directly to the ticket office at the arena, usually open one hour before the start. No need to book, expect to pay13€ for a show lasting almost 2 hours and it's free for children.


Visit a site, a village or a museum, either on your own or with a guide - simply ask about opening times and conditions of visits, varying according to the seasons, at the Tourist Office...

For visits to Saint-Sever and the abbey, Pimbo or Samadet, the bastides of Montfort-en-Chalosse and Geaune, ask at the Tourist Offices for your the brochure. It's free…

The crypt of Saint-Girons in Hagetmau can be visited freely throughout the year, but you should contact the town hall first on +33 (0)5 58 05 77 77.

Landes Chalosse also offers digital visits!

Download the app to your smartphone or tablet to discover the towns of Saint-Sever, Amou and Brassempouy.

Scan the QR codes scattered around the city centre, or go to tourist offices.

Food lovers!

Buying good foie gras 

directly from the farmer is simple there are signs saying Vente Directe everywhere you go. Just stop at a random farm and you will not be disappointed!

Speaking of direct sales, if you want a really fresh salad, a good grilled duck breast or a succulent whole foie gras, try one of our farm-auberges! Please call beforehand because our versatile farmers are often very busy.

Book a furnished apartment in Landes Chalosse, and remember to keep the phone number of the owner in case you lose your GPS signal or the sign has fallen down - all part of the adventure in Landes Chalosse!

Advice from Laure or Marie-Laure in Montfort-en-Chalosse, when you visit the spa centre

Please note that September and October is the busiest period. Book as early as possible to choose your treatment schedule. See you soon in Préchacq-les-bains!

  • Book with the spa before booking your accommodation. Ask for a list of accommodations from the tourist office.
  • Join one of our welcome drinks to discover more about the area and ask all your questions. 4.30 pm every Monday from mid-March to the end of November.
  • Book your seat for bus tours on Tuesdays and Thursdays afternoons.


Get in touch with the tourist office on +33 (0)05 58 98 58 50.

Tips for preparing your pilgrimage

  • Remember to bring some ID
  • Plan your route well in advance
  • Our stopovers do not require booking, and are accessible from 2 pm onwards each day in Saint-Sever
  • To obtain an access code, go to the Tourist Office of Saint-Sever and the reception of the swimming pool in Hagetmau
  • Consider bringing provisions on Sundays and Mondays as the shops are usually closed
  • Refreshments are for pilgrims at the Pimbo reception centre from Monday to Sunday in high season (April 1 to October 31).


The Tourist Offices all have wifi!

- Stay connected with the tourist offices of Hagetmau, Saint-Sever, Amou and Mugron

Free and secure access, no password necessary, both outside and inside the tourist offices

Shopping on Monday in Landes Chalosse isn't really allowed!

Shopping on Monday is not really allowed ;o) The shopkeepers like to rest, just like our restauranteurs. Call in at the Tourist Office for advice... there is always a solution.