When you come to stay in Landes Chalosse, Don't miss the chance to make a stop at Brassempouy, to see the prehistoric "Caves of the Pope."

Here, the “Maison de la Dame” houses a visitor centre with exhibitions and explanations describing human occupation of the site throughout the Upper Palaeolithic period.

It was also here, in the nineteenth century, that nine mammoth ivory figurines were discovered, including the fabulous "Lady in the Hood", known to be one of the oldest representations of the human face in the world. The first portrait in the history of art, in a way!

Let us tell you about the discovery of this unique work, now in the Musée d’Archéologie Nationale de Saint-Germain-en-Laye.

Let's start with the visit of the Maison de la Dame!

All the richness of the prehistoric site of Brassempouy is on display here - animal bones, flint tools, engravings on bone, Palaeolithic jewellery and much more.

The importance of women in those societies is highlighted through the phenomenon of prehistoric Venus, illustrated by the presentation of a collection of the most beautiful Venus figures in Europe: Brassempouy, Willendörf, Lespugue, Grimaldi, Tursac and Malta.

The ArcheoParc is a jewel of greenery that reveals the whole universe of prehistory: full size reconstructions of animals, such as the majestic megaceros deer, mammoths and the cave hyena. The habitat and vegetation are as they were in the Upper Palaeolithic.

Flint knapping and fire-lighting demonstrations every day - come and immerse yourself in the life of our ancestors.

You can even try prehistoric hunting techniques!

During the holidays, young and old are invited to participate in cave art and craft workshops.

Download the digital visit app, which completes this adventure in the footsteps of Cro-Magnon man. The "ArcheoParc de la Dame" application can be downloaded, or is available free of charge on a pad at the site welcome desk.

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