Contemplate our hills, the highest in the Landes, offering magnificent views out to the Pyrenees. Here in the Tursan country you'll discover the invaluable heritage of our region - the bastides (fortified towns), and the earthenware potteries, not to mention the fabulous local food and wines.

Pimbo, the oldest bastide in the Landes, built in 1268, and Geaune, a bastide of great character created in 1318, have to be seen.

The Museum of Potteries and Tableware

In Samadet, a charming little village in Tursan, the Museum of Pottery and Tableware unveils the history and secrets of local earthenware arts, a unique heritage in the Landes. The quality of the local clays, as well as the delicate decorations of rose manganese butterflies and doves, are the basis of the international renown of the china and other earthenware produced here. There are 300 pieces in the display, including a precious oil dispenser in the shape of a prancing pony. All are displayed in a refined setting that highlights the arts of the table from history to today.


The House of Ceramics

From June to September, the Tursan Ceramic House, on the site of the former royal manufacturer of earthenware, has a permanent collection of more than 130 contemporary pieces as well as many temporary exhibitions with pieces for sale.

The wine cellars

To continue your adventure in Tursan, consider stopping at the cooperative wine cellars in Geaune where winegrowers welcome you from April to October and will introduce you to the art of Tursan winemaking.