An exceptional heritage

Saint-Sever, a medieval town, owes its reputation to its majestic abbey church, founded at the end of the 10th century and listed as a World Heritage Site by Unesco. Its originality lies in its seven stepped apses that you can admire from the Place de Verdun.

It is in this abbey that the Beatus of Saint-Sever, a precious manuscript of the eleventh century relating the Apocalypse (last book of the Bible) was illuminated. A facsimile and a video on the Beatus will allow you to learn more about the manuscript.

If you lose yourself in its streets full of history you'll eventually come across the convent of the Jacobins, a monument dating back to 1280, home to a museum and a privileged place for the many cultural events and festivals of the city. There are mansions from the 16th - 17th - 18th and 19th centuries of Bordeaux influence, testify to a bourgeois period in Saint-Sever.

The Maison de Sentex is a private house paved with mosaics from the Roman era.


Fabulous food

If the name of Saint Sever is as familiar to you it is surely thanks to the famous local farmer's chicken, the first poultry ever to receive the coveted red label. You'll see them enjoying life in the fields and will even find them roaming around during your walks in our beautiful countryside. It is celebrated with a mini festival at the end of the year, the "Festivolailles."

The duck also has a place of honour in local cuisine, as confit (leg), magret (breast) or foie gras with a huge variety of delicious sauces. Ask our producers and restauranteurs - they are the best ambassadors for our local products!

Traditions that endure

Saint-Sever is also home to the famous feather bed and duvet factory Pyrenex. Beautiful jackets, pillows and ultra warm winter wear all designed and made here.

Saint-Sever, like all the villages and towns in Chalosse, is the setting for lots of festivals. Their origin goes back to the dawn of time, since according to the National Archives, in 1457, the old custom of bull running in the streets took place here on the feast day of Saint John the Baptist! Today the Course Landaise has replaced the old sports.

100% natural!

Saint-Sever is also a great lace for outdoor activities! Take a hike or a ride along the shaded green way, stop for a picnic with one of the many views over the Chalosse country, then take a siesta or watch the fishermen by the river Adour, and finish with magnificent sunset over our fields of corn.

For more information: Saint-Sever Tourist Office