In  Landes Chalosse, the rivers Adour, Gaves, Luy de France and many tributaries cross our territories at Hagetmau, St Sever, Amou, Samadet, Montfort and Mugron.

Let us add to this that a multitude of hilly lakes, gravel pits (on the edge of Adour) and ponds, often very pleasant sitesperfect for angling.

Depending on the difference between these natural and aquatic environments, fish populations differ; we find for example: in the Hagetmau sector: a carp-trail by night, a carpodrome on the Lake of Halco (gravel), and the lake of Agès for perch.

At Adour below the village, whitefish are found in the gravel lakes of Saucille and Nerbis.

At St Sever, the Adour follows its course with pike spawning grounds and Black bass a little further towards Coudures and Montgaillard.

In Samadet, there is course fishing on the Gabas and the Bahus...

In short, here are a few ideas to give you the desire to share this passion, in a mild and temperate climate with our fishermen of the Landeselsewhere ... and especially, in season, don't forget the numerous fishing competitions organized by local associations - they will be happy to welcome you to the village feast, to eat drinkand share the cameraderie of fellow anglers.

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