Ferme Découverte Ducazaux

Foie gras ,  Pastry ,  Producer at Donzacq

Foie Gras© Ducazaux
Nadine Ducazaux© Ducazaux
canard dans prairieOT des Luys
  • On arrival at ‘Ferme Découverte Ducazaux’ you will be welcomed by Nadine and Jean-Marie. On their farm they have 17 hectares, comprising land for maize and cereal production as well as meadows where they breed ducks, poultry and bovines. Passionate farmers, Nadine and Jean-Marie use their know-how to delight the gourmet. Their tasty preserves, ‘foie gras’ and ‘confits’, not to forget their delicious ‘Pastis’, will tempt you as you will have endless opportunities to enjoy lavish and authentic moments. In the summer months, visits to the farm are organised as a playful, artistic and educational treasure hunt, during which you will have the opportunity to enjoy a snack, by trying the ‘goûter paysan’ and home made ‘Pastis’ of Landes - a pure delight!
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