Le Musée de la Chalosse

Museum ,  Park and garden ,  Rural agricultural area ,  Handicrafts ,  Decorative arts ,  Folk art and traditions ,  Eco-museum ,  Trades ,  Rated and monitored by the DMF ,  Conservatory ,  Ornamental garden at Montfort-en-Chalosse

Vue de Carcher depuis Nousse 2Yves Chuiton
Pièce commune_Maison du métayerMusée de la Chalosse
Chambre des enfants et des grands-parents_Maison du métayerMusée de la Chalosse
Chambre des parents_Maison du métayerMusée de la Chalosse
Maison du métayer et potagerMusée de la Chalosse
Le Conservatoire des cépagesMusée de la Chalosse
Chambre de la Dame_Maison de maîtreMusée de la Chalosse
Chambre du maître_Maison de maîtreMusée de la Chalosse
Salle à manger_Maison de maîtreMusée de la Chalosse
Porc gasconMusée de la Chalosse
  • Located on the field of Carcher in Montfort in Landes Chalosse, the Museum of Chalosse retraces daily life in the 19th century. During the visit, you will discover the finely furnished mansion, the wine cellar and its Roman press, the bread oven, the house and the garden of the sharecropper ... without forgetting Yoan and Martin, the beefs chalosse and the sow Gascon covered with its black silks. Guided tours, multimedia tablets, sensory devices, play desks, discover the museum at your fingertips. Events throughout the year (Bread Festival, Museum Night, Summer Night), meetings with the Friends of the Museum on Saturdays in June and September and fun workshops on Wednesdays in July / August. Every year, there is a photographic or thematic exhibition that explores the rural world and the Chalosse. And do not forget the first Saturday of October, the Grape Harvest Festival!
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