La Bastide de Montfort-en-Chalosse

Historic site and monument ,  Museum ,  Small rural heritage ,  City guided tour, village ,  Folk art and traditions ,  Rated and monitored by the DMF ,  Not rated ,  Fortified town ,  Church ,  Fountain and wash house ,  Ornamental garden at Montfort-en-Chalosse

Vue aérienne de la Bastide de Montfort-en-ChalosseMairie Montfort
La Halle - Bastide de Montfort-en-ChalosseJean Luxcey
Point de vue belvédère - Bastide de Montfort-en-ChalosseOffice de Tourisme Terres de Chalosse
Mirande - Bastide de Montfort-en-ChalosseOT Montfort
Place François Dupaya - Bastide de Montfort en ChalosseJean Luxcey
Jardin Payot - entrée ACMACM
Jardin de Payot - Bastide de Montfort-en-ChalosseACM
Mairie - Bastide de Montfort-en-ChalosseMairie Montfort
Fontaine cent marches - lavoir et fontaine OTOT Montfort
Chemin vers église depuis fontaine - Bastide de Montfort-en-ChalosseOT Montfort
Eglise Montfort - RibaRiba
  • To discover this bastide of the 13th century, a circuit is proposed to you from the market place and takes you to Rue de l’Escaraillette (typical street of the Middle Ages), then place Francois Dupaya with its belvedere and The garden of Payot (a breathtaking view of the Chalosse – a picnic area is available) and finally at the fountain of the hundred steps (150 steps to go down and up with a smile – bambouseraie – restored laundry – picnic area). In the direction of the laundry, get in the woods to reach the church of Saint-Pierre (12th century, Historical Monuments). During the visit, you will understand the Architectural elements of a bastide: very regular plan, streets that intersect at right angles, mirand…. Ask for the route at the Tourisme information office or the town hall. Do not forget to go to the Museum of Chalosse, a truly testimony of the sharecropping in Chalosse.
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