Château de Gaujacq, l'instant insolite

Historic site and monument ,  Castle at Gaujacq

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  • Located on the Gaujacq hills, the village of Chalosse opposite the Pyrenees, Gaujacq château is a stately home built in the 17th century by François de Sourdis, lieutenant-general of King Louis 14th’s armies. This château’s architecture is original and unusual. It has a single storey layout around a garden “of delights”, surrounded by an Italian style gallery.
    The owners, Philippe and Solange Casedevant, welcome you and invite you to discover the apartments from the 17th and 18th centuries, furnished and decorated with panelling and painted panels. It transports you to back in time. Each summer, candlelit night visits are organised, some with Baroque music concerts.
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